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The various units and task forces within the HPD are organized into three major divisions: Strategic Operations, Investigative Operations, and Field Operations.

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While driving along Broadway: “Ladies, dry off your seats, James Franco’s on Broadway!And if you’re under 16 on Instagram, he’s probably tried to have sex with you!Get everything TMZ in the palm of your hand -- from 24/7 exclusives and breaking celebrity news to the hottest videos and galleries Plus "TMZ Live," "TMZ Sports" and clips from "TMZ” TV without ever leaving the app. Reportedly, the Kardashian family is "panicking" about the show's future, and "the rest of the series is now being recut to make it more exciting." Related: The Evolution Of Kylie's Lips!However, Kris Jenner isn't fretting over the bad news!

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The media site was certainly proud of its cameo, and it was definitely great promotion for the celebrity tour it has been running since 2010.

Except that two weeks earlier, TMZ canceled its celebrity tour bus deal with its partner, Starline Tours of Hollywood, alleging in a lawsuit that Starline kept missing payments.

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Learn more in the Ad Choices section of I so look forward to right before I go to sleep watching Stephen Colbert to laugh my arse off and then I open my TMZ app and have so much fun and laugh and some stories are "feel good" stories and before I go to sleep you're my secret pal i read and listen to just to find the same faces, read the same writers and have a good laugh or heartfelt moment before I fall asleep.